Day 1/365 

yeah, I want to do it again. 

Ages ago I began a 365 days project based solely on self portraits, on flickr. I have to say that I learned a lot while doing that project and have made friendships that last till today. So I am very fond of 365days and every time I go back and take a look, I’m reminded of all that’s happened, and of course all the precious moments spent taking those pictures. 

This is an important and special year for me, so now that I’m a little bit more settled with the baby, and we’re at the peak of summer, beginning a small vacation, I wanted to give it another go  and begin a new 365 project. 

This time it’s not going to be self portraits, but simply a “take a photo a day” kind of thing. Most photos will be taken with the iPhone, not with the camera, so as to make it efficient and fast – or so we’ll see. 

Don’t expect any art project. I want to do this mainly for myself: to keep the creative juices going and to have something to look back to, later on. 

I’ll be very happy if you guys come with me on this very amazing and definitely unexpected journey from now on. Let us all see how long can I take it before I start to crumble! 

Hope you like it! 

This year we obviously couldn’t really step outside of the country. Our main destination nowadays is parenthood. It’s been quite a journey so far. I’m always amazed at how much in love I am with this tiny creature. Everyday I find something new that I fall in love with. It’s an indescribable feeling. 

We’ve been stuck at home this first month and a half because babies are not supposed to go outside for the first month, so after our release (or hers, should I say) we decided to pack our bags and the infinite amount of baby stuff and go to our parents’, back to our hometown. I hadn’t been back there for two months, and it was very weird to be back in my old room, with my baby in my arms. But it’s been wonderful to see my parents being grandparents. 


Day 1 – Lovely Lua at my feet. 

After a week we are now heading to our vacation spot, for some sun, piece and quiet, baby cries and (I predict) some sleepless nights. 

Hope to see you tomorrow!