Day 15/365

It was a good day. 

Even though I had a total of 4 or 5 hours of sleep throughout the night and morning (it’s not bad at all!) I was feeling good enough to get out of the house. All four of us (K, Baby L, Akira and me) went out and had a good time. After a nice, very tardy, seafood lunch we headed back home where we watched a movie. It was pretty late when the movie was over so we bathed Baby Leo and I fed her, and when she fell asleep, I took the opportunity to go on a run. It felt good.

I do need to up my game in what concerns running though…sigh. I keep seeing guys just easily run past me, and I always have to remind myself “They didn’t have a baby 2 months ago, that’s for sure!”, so I try to feel better. 

Oh add me on Nike+! The usual username akane kinomoto. Let’s run together! 

Have a great Sunday tomorrow!