Day 23/365

Calm and relaxed day, that started with French toast for breakfast, included watching Interstellar, amongst other calm activities. It was a Sunday! 

Interstellar is definitely one of my favorite movies. One of the top favorites. I’m still shaky with emotion after watching it for the second time. So good. 

And just as my laundry was nearly dry, it started to pour. Do you have any idea how much laundry there is when you have a baby? It’s incredible! It’s laundry day everyday now. But anyway… I like rain in the summer. I always have. When I was a kid I remember that I would always watch the summer thunderstorms from upstairs, where my parents have a library, sit down and watch the sky in awe, while I read books. I could listen to the thunders and read books for hours… Or until the storm was gone.

I liked that it was raining in summer, which for me was a symbol of winter, could after all be appreciated in summer too…  It was a nice day.
Have a great Monday!