Day 3/365

Viva fruit in season! Love, Baby, sun, books, grilled fish and fresh fruit: perfection. 

Today Baby L slept the whole entire day, only waking up to eat. That makes me a little nervous for what’s to come during the night… 

Last night she slept from 10pm to 3.30am – which was awesome! – but was awake until 5am. I was holding her and rocking back and forth, and growing increasingly hotter. I was sweating bullets by the time I put her in bed, so I was off for a cold shower, that let me sleep a little bit more until 8am, when it was time to feed her again. 

In the meantime, I was taking a look around Twitter. I’ve been finding it amusing to just tweet complete nonsense from time to time, now that I’m spending some hours of the night awake – so if you want to follow me, feel free! 

Come back tomorrow, please!