Day 37/365

Since the Grandparents were here for the weekend we had the chance to go out to a small music festival here in Lisbon. It was nice to go out for something like that! I almost forgot what it was like.

We listened to Jazzanova and Todd Terje (you can still see some videos of mine on Periscope and Beme) and I drank apple cider and ate a delicious ice cream. The event was nice and there was nice food also, and the whole open air space was very very nice. One could see families with their kids even. 

The only trouble was I was completely exhausted when I got home… And we got home at 10 pm. Maybe I’m getting old? Or maybe I’m just not used to it anymore? What matters is that we had some fun and listened to really nice music. 

Day 37/365 – ice cream. 

Have a nice Monday!