Day 40/365 & 41/365

It was a busy busy day yesterday.

Day 40/365 – planning the next time we go back.

By the end of the day I watched the Apple event with Baby L sleeping on my lap… And eventually reached the conclusion that I’m an Apple girl. I want everything.

I was looking for the costs to attend Georgetown Dental Assistant School to become a dental assistant.Today (10th of Sep – I should really write these posts on the proper days) we went to the 3 month doctor’s appointment with Baby L. She is just great! Big, fat, reaching her milestones…and teething. Teething! She’s not even 3 months yet! I’ve been noticing this for weeks now, but first I kept it to myself because I thought it was way too soon, and when it became kind of obvious to me, I shared my thoughts, but still everyone thought it was too soon. Today the doctor confirmed.

Which made me realize…in a few weeks time, we will never ever see that toothless grin ever again! It was such a mix of emotions for me.

Day 41/365 – Smoked salmon sandwich.

Everyday there’s a little something that makes me fall in love even more. Today, for instance, while I was holding her, and was trying to make her sleep, I started singing/whispering Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, she looked at me, smiled and laid her head on my chest, closed her eyes and fell asleep. It was *beautiful*. There are no words to describe it, really.


We were also on a walk in the afternoon and found Mr. Maique, chief horticulturist and the Master of the camera. It’s hard to find truly good, authentic people like him. Check out his work! 

With so many outings today, Baby L was completely exhausted when she got home. She went to sleep at 10pm ish. Hence why I’m currently re-editing this post for the hundredth time (numerous things have interrupted me), at 6.30 am of a Friday.

I promise I’ll try to be more thorough when it comes to posting stuff. I’ll try.

It was a good day.

Enjoy your Friday!