Week of 365

Day 101/365Nov 12th, 2015 – trying to focus on work. 

Day 102/365 Nov 13th, 2015 – this was a tough day.    

Day 103/365Nov 14th, 2015 – this was a slow day. I wanted time to fly by, and it just refused. 

Day 104/365Nov 15th, 2015 – thank goodness for family. 

Day 106/365 Nov 16th – another long day. 

Day 107/365 Nov 17th, 2015 – best view of the city. 


Day 108/365Nov 18th, 2015 – days are getting darker and shorter. 

Day 109/350Nov 19th, 2015 – hungry for breakfast. 

Been busy with life lately.