Cold, not cold.

It’s December, right? Even though I don’t like the cold or wear bulky clothes or tons of layers, I really think everything has its place: we should be feeling cold now. It’s 20 degrees Celsius outside. Not normal, and definitely not very Christmas-y. 

I haven’t been feeling the Christmas spirit. It just hasn’t gotten to me just yet. I blame it on this weather. It’s funny how people insist on wearing long coats, fuzzy jumpers and big sweaters…as if that would attract the cold. It doesn’t work! I’ve tried it myself. 

I need proper cold at this time of the year. 

Day 133/365Dec 13th, 2015 – Half a year ago I was having a baby. Time passes way too quickly. 

Day 134/365 Dec 14th, 2015 – Japanese candy is the best. 

Day 135/365Dec 15th, 2015 – breakfasts are now quick but filling. 

I hope this weird weather goes away. 

Have a great day.