Free at last.

I am finally done with all the marking and grading! I missed a couple of days of photos, I don’t even remember why…too busy, I’m assuming. 

Also the dates on the camera are all jumbled up, so I’m not really sure of the dates of some photos. I’m very happy to say I’m now using the Sony RX1 that was K’s – since he is now using the Sony RX1 R II – and I’m loving every minute of it! 

Right now I just need to get back on track with all this. 


Day 119/365
Nov 29th, 2015 


Day 120/365
Nov 30th, 2015  


Day 121/365
Dec 1st, 2015 


Day 122/365
Dec 2nd, 2015 


Day 123/365
Dec 3rd, 2015 – this was probably meant to be something else. 

Day 124/365Dec 4th, 2015 – no photo! 

Day 125/365Dec 5th, 2015 – beautiful views on a beautiful day out. 

Day 126/365Dec 6th, 2015 – working late.

Day 127/365Dec 7th, 2015 – coffee not coffee.

Day 128/365Dec 8th, 2015 – dinner date at Bonsai. We had the best Japanese meal in more than one year. 

Day 129/365Dec 9th, 2015 – no photo. 

Day 130/365Dec 10th, 2015 – peek-a-boo! 

And tomorrow is Friday!