We meet again. 

The plane ride with a baby wasn’t 100% perfect but I’d  say 70% was good enough. It was wonderful to be able to fly again and get out of the country. 

Our destination: Berlin. This is our third time here and we still love it as much as before. 

And if today was any indication of the next days, then we’re going to have a wonderful time. 

Day 146/365Dec 26th, 2015 – great views. 

 We spent the day strolling around: Mauerpark and Alexander platz with its Christmas’ market were our main stops. 









Day 147/365Dec 27, 2015 – new Nikes, K’s Christmas’present: I love them sooooooooo much! 

Great day. 

Have a great one too! 

*this post was supposed to be posted yesterday, but my battery died and I just couldn’t muster the strength to get out of bed and charge the phone, I apologise*