Japan’17 – day 6

On our 6th day in Tokyo, we decided our day would culminate in Asakusa, so we walked around the tiny neighborhoods, taking in the tiny streets and its inhabitants. It was like a breath of fresh air to see Tokyo again without tourists strolling around.

We had bought food in one of the stations we were in and ate at a nearby park, where L was able to play around for a while as well.

As we got near Asakusa and the Kappabashi street, we tried to avoid the streets we had seen before. It was so wonderful to discover new things.

We were amazed by the quantity of little things that we missed both times we were around this area. Obviously we know that a couple of days, is not enough to know the whole city, but there are things that we saw twice because we felt they were so interesting, and we completely missed out on other things, that this time felt so incredibly new and welcome.

Akakusa was packed with tourists. But it was still a very pleasant stroll. We spotted a lot of japanese having beer and just enjoying themselves, out and about, and it was a shame that we didn’t sit and enjoy the atmosphere.

You see, I did talk about L being sick the very first evening, but I didn’t mention the fact that she was the least one affected by a stomach bug, that K and I got as well. This sixth day was the first day we could all eat something and were pain free. L was fine after the first night, but then K got it, and then me. That made everything a bit bittersweet.

Looking back, however, it’s actually a funny story to tell!


Have a great week!