Iceland, the land of ice and fire – day 1.

For a 6 day journey we had decided to drive around Iceland.

We left baby L with the grandparents and we were off to a cold and amazing journey around this European jewel lost in Atlantic. We had tremendous help from miss-i-am-free, who had been to the island and had first hand tips for us. I have to say I went back and forth on buying waterproof hiking boots and a rain coat, because the weather in Iceland is extremely unpredictable and it can be raining cats in one minute and sunny and warm(ish) the next. I have a thing with me feet, you see. I can’t have my feet being uncomfortable, I just hate it, it ruins my whole mood for the day — but I decided not to buy any weather proof boots and head off either way with normal sneakers (I don’t regret it).

So we flew to Frankfurt and then off to Reykjavik, where we caught up with our rental car, which would be our transportation for the whole 6 days. Deciding to leave Reykjavik till the end we drove to our first stop, Nesjavellir, near the Þingvallavatn lake and a Geothermal powerstation. Due to the proximity to a nearby volcano, Hengill, there are nice hot water streams all around where you can dip your feet in. It would’ve been nice to go inside all the way, but it was just too slimy and rocky for that.

This was an incredibly long day. We got out of our home at 4 ish am, and by midnight we had seen a tremendous amount of Iceland already. The best about road trips is that you can stop wherever (almost) and we took advantage of that.

And this was just the first day.