Iceland, the land of ice and fire – day 4.

On our fourth day we woke up pretty refreshed. We had breakfast available at the guesthouse we were staying in, and it was quite beautiful to eat a modest but plentiful breakfast, in a nice and warm place. I really dunno why I didn’t take pictures of the breakfast though…

The day started off a bit cloudy and rainy, but that was a gateway for wonderful views as we continued to drive north.

It’s absolutely incredible how the landscape changes in just a couple of minutes.

Our stop for the day was a little guesthouse near Myvatn, but along the way we stopped to check a few places out. One of those was Dettifoss, (rumoured to be?) the most powerful waterfall in Europe. The water comes from the Vatnajökull glacier, hence the strange muddy colour, and falls over 44 metres, creating all that mist of water vapour you see in the photos.

The Krafla geothermal area was right at our final destination. We were pretty tired that day, so we wanted to have dinner early and swim in the hot waters of the Myvatn nature baths until it got dark. We still stopped at the Viti crater, which was formed after a 5 year long explosive eruption back in the 1700’s. Amongst the yellow/orange-ish mountains, you can see a crazy number of white vapour vents, and there’s a nice smell of sulfur in the air.

We went over to the Nature baths to check out the closing times, and ended up having dinner there – quite nice!

The evening was spent relaxin in our lovely cottage and then over here at the Myvatn nature baths. A lot of people warned us against the Blue lagoon baths, due to the amount of tourists, so we decided before-hand to skip those and check these out. It was really amazing. After two hours of floating around in the hot blue water, our bodies were incredibly relaxed, and it took me a while to learn how to walk properly again.

This was an amazing day.