Spring, are we there yet? No.

I’m sorry for the radio silence! These past weeks have been quite busy at work, and I’m afraid it won’t calm down until the first week of March, when I’ll have a week break (sort of) and then it’ll be chaos again, for a few more weeks. So I’m basically waiting for the Easter break to come quickly in mid April.

The weather has been shitty as shitty can be. Rain all the freaking time and storms and wind… Just lovely. So I haven’t done much but go to work and stay at home. So I’m bringing you the photos of my birthday dinner at Faz Figura, and a few more random shots.


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Catching up.

The week has been full with catching up. Catching up on work, catching up on movies and series, catching up on projects and plans… and also trying to stay away from the rain. It hasn’t been easy.

I wanna thank everyone who has been subscribing/following the blog and for all the great happy messages! I love you all!





Back to work.

It had to happen eventually right? Well at least I’m already 8 weeks minus one day closer to the next break! Hurray!

This last weekend we couldn’t do much, specially on Saturday. It rained the whole entire day…! And then it stopped raining but it was already nighttime. So we just watched movies and ate sushi.

On Sunday in the afternoon we went on a bike ride to enjoy the relatively nice weather and stopped by Hard Rock Cafe to have a late lunch. After another stop down by the river we got back home (but not after I plunged myself in mud with the bike on my back) and headed out again after a few hours to see Dralion, Cirque du Soleil. Absolutely gorgeous, jaw dropping and astonishing. I completely fell in love with the show.

All in all, a great weekend to kick off the start of a new term.

It was time to get new covers. I love it.






water and air’13.

Here’s the compilation of a few shots depicting sea/river/lakes and sky. The more I live in the city the more I enjoy the peace and quiet of nature, and some of these pictures make me feel really good. One of my personal favourites is the one from Kamakura. I didn’t expect to go to the beach or step into the Pacific Ocean when we went to Japan, it totally happened by chance and I loved it. We laid on the dark sand and enjoyed the sunset before headed back to Tokyo. Quite the perfect evening.


Paris, France. January’13

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unmade beds ’13.

It’s the 24th of December and I haven’t mentioned christmas once, mainly because adulthood (along with other unfortunate and sad events) killed xmas for me. I used to love xmas! Now it’s just…meh.

The other day I overheard a woman in her 30s saying that ‘the cool thing about having kids is being able to watch cartoons again and not be judged about it!‘ and she sound very sure of herself. I cringed at this and I mouthed a wtf  to myself, because who says this?!

Well, let me be equally irresponsible (just ’cause it’s xmas and because I don’t mind being judged on watching cartoons)  and say that the cool thing about having kids has to be to bring back some kind of joy to xmas! It has to be fun watching them have fun!

Anyway, I don’t want to ruin anyone’s xmas moment nor feeling, so I’m leaving you with the unmade beds of 2013! Until the end of 2013 — can you believe it’s the end of 2013?!?! — I’ll be compiling a few photos within some categories in order to celebrate this wonderful year, because it was indeed a good year for me — so good, that I’m afraid of what’s coming next…!

New York, USA —  January’13.

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Tao and Tosh.

In Las Vegas you’ve got a crazy amount of shows going on. All of them are really really cool but we chose none other than Daniel Tosh. We follow Tosh.0 so it was in awe that we saw the show and laughed from beginning till the end.

Right before Tosh we had a very early dinner at Tao, which I have mentioned before. The surroundings at Tao are jaw dropping to say the least – they have a giant Buddha siting in the room, yet. The music is really nice but food is even better. Everything was nicely cooked and most of the dishes were very original, but not so over the top to consider them weird. An excellent balance.
A very very awesome evening to make the most of our last night in Las Vegas.

Enjoy the Sunday!











More from Vegas.

Things have been quite slow around here lately, mainly because I’ve been drop dead tired all the time.
Since coming back from Vegas I hadn’t had a minute to actually rest between school and jetlag. So I’ve been behaving like a very tired zombie these last few days.

Vegas was a little bit of a surprise. I didn’t think I would enjoy it so much or appreciate it as much as I did. It is definitely not the type of city I would fall in love with at first sight, but it definitely has its charms.





I can only define Vegas like a huge shopping mall with endless shops and nice restaurants with a whole lot of eccentricity in the mix. And of course lots and lots and lots and lots of casinos. We’ve spent around 5 bucks on one of those machines that you have to get some sort of winning combination of cards and fruits… We didn’t know how to play most of the games there so we just enjoyed ourselves some other ways.






Like eating good food.

We visited a local Japanese ramen place with original delicious ramen, just like we were used to back in Japan (that you saw on the last post but I’m just gonna repost for the sake of it), and we indulged on some Gordon Ramsay specialty burgers at Burgr ( GR, get it? ), some nice cocktails, some delicious and huge breakfasts and, the cherry on top of the cake, a nice quiet dinner at Tao, that I will talk about a little more in another post (soon).







We’ve had great fun, to say the least. We were also dead tired so any plans we had for Halloween went completely out of the window since we basically slept through Halloween, and watched a crazy sad documentary about orcas in captivity, Beneath the Surface *edit* The documentary we watched is actually Blackfish. I haven’t been able to look at dolphins since watching The Cove, but this one is not very far behind.

It only goes to show how absolutely grotesque and selfish human beings really are.


But let’s forget about the sad obvious things. After checking out the newest iPad, eating deliciously all the time, having cocktails and spending a large one at Victoria Secret (that was packed with men, who were buying things for the ladies), getting lost in the craziness of the UFC shop (the octagons pendants are just too big for me, shame) and seeing upfront and in person the latest winner of Ink Master who was tattooing right there, we came back to the homeland.

I had to run through two short layovers in Chicago and Madrid and when I got to Lisbon, I heard my name being called all over the damn airport. My immediate thoughts: they’ve lost my suitcase. And there you go.
Our Spanish siblings in Madrid couldn’t make it to the plane in time with the all the luggage so I was left with nothing until the next day only.

It was definitely tiring and crazy, but completely worth it. Would I go back right now? Not really. But I wouldn’t mind going back one day.

Again I’m sorry for such a long absence, but it started writing this post nearly a week ago… I’ve been over my head with work.
Can’t wait for Xmas break…!

Over and out!