water and air’13.

Here’s the compilation of a few shots depicting sea/river/lakes and sky. The more I live in the city the more I enjoy the peace and quiet of nature, and some of these pictures make me feel really good. One of my personal favourites is the one from Kamakura. I didn’t expect to go to the beach or step into the Pacific Ocean when we went to Japan, it totally happened by chance and I loved it. We laid on the dark sand and enjoyed the sunset before headed back to Tokyo. Quite the perfect evening.


Paris, France. January’13

Lisbon, Portugal. February’13
Lisbon, Portugal. May’13
Parede, Portugal. July’13
Lisboa, Portugal. July’13
Kamakura-shi, Japan. July’13
Inarimachi, Japan. July’13
Kyoto-shi, Japan. August’13
Tokyo, Japan. August’13
Lagos, Portugal. August’13
Parede, Portugal. October’13
Lisbon, Portugal. December’13