look down’13.

Here’s another compilation of the year 13. I used to take more of these but…these make quite a nice collection.


Portugal. January’13
Montgomery, USA. February’13

Estoril, Portugal. March’13
Schwangau, Germany. March’13
zmar, Portugal. March’13
Lisbon, Portugal. April’13
Costa de Caparica, Portugal. May’13
Évora, Portugal. May’13
home, Portugal. June’13
Avencas, Portugal. June’13
Amsterdam, the Netherlands. June’13
home, Portugal. July’13
Lisbon, Portugal. July’13
Kyoto, Japan. August’13
Kyoto, Japan. August’13
Tokyo, Japan. August’13
Lagos, Portugal. August’13
Lisbon, Portugal. September’13
Las Vegas, USA. November’13