look down’13.

Here’s another compilation of the year 13. I used to take more of these but…these make quite a nice collection.


Portugal. January’13
Montgomery, USA. February’13

Estoril, Portugal. March’13
Schwangau, Germany. March’13
zmar, Portugal. March’13
Lisbon, Portugal. April’13
Costa de Caparica, Portugal. May’13
√Čvora, Portugal. May’13
home, Portugal. June’13
Avencas, Portugal. June’13
Amsterdam, the Netherlands. June’13
home, Portugal. July’13
Lisbon, Portugal. July’13
Kyoto, Japan. August’13
Kyoto, Japan. August’13
Tokyo, Japan. August’13
Lagos, Portugal. August’13
Lisbon, Portugal. September’13
Las Vegas, USA. November’13