rainy day.

Of course it had to rain while we were here, of course. But it didn’t really matter anyway!

When the alarm went off at 8.30 am I wasn’t feeling very well – probably from all the unexpected cold from yesterday – which was a set back for us. We ran our way to Notre Dame to meet with Mike, but after 40 mins walking in a very briskly way, we got there and couldn’t find Mike anywhere. We went inside, walked around, searched again and went out – it started raining. Lovely.

We ran again trying to find a place to eat lunch and tried the Louvre restaurants but everything was full – it was raining so everybody was inside, of course.

We ran again to Palais Royale where we found a nice warm and dry place to sit and eat. The waiter was a very nice guy who was also into photography and already had gone to all sort of places in Asia AND had a flickr account (of course we left a nice tip)!

It had stopped raining for a bit and we headed to the Opéra and then to the Printemps magasin’s terrace! the view was amazing! and the shoes…………………………..oh mon dieu, the shoes! All the very expensive and beautiful shoes where inside that store… of course there were dresses and coats and bags and makeup goodies….! keoshi wanted to go inside because he thought it was something else: when he saw the shoes he was like “someone trapped me!”.

We then went to the hotel for a bit of rest and then we headed to Montmartre! I love Montmartre. Everything is beautiful. Except pick pockets. That’s not in any way beautiful… because of that I couldn’t find a moment to photograph La Basilique du Sacré Coeur… I did take a pic with my disposable camera, but that was it. Bah.
But I love Montmartre….! ^___^

We then headed back to the hotel, strolling around the streets of Montmartre, passing by the Moulin Rouge, where we got kebab for dinner!

I’m tired.
I changed from my jeans to my leggings and found them much more comfortable – but I had my very comfy-and-warm-not-fashionable coat on…much better!

My hands are really hurting though…=(

Tomorrow is a new day! =D