a japanese experience in paris.

Today we got up early and headed out for breakfast at…*drum rolls* Café des 2 Moulins! that’s right the famous Amélie café! xD The best 20€ of my life (ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit.xP )! The experience was wonderful, though… Loved the whole atmosphere.

Café au lait, pain au chocoloat et jus d’orange pressed, pour moi, Chocolat chaud,croissant et jus d’orange pressed for keoshi.

Loved it.

We went for a stroll in Montmartre, and I fell a little bit more in love with it. And I got myself a photo of the Sacré Coeur.

Yesterday we decided we were having japanese for lunch today, so we headed to Rue Thérèse where there are all sort of Asian restaurants, mainly japanese, I dare say.
I knew of this restaurant named Aki, on 11 bis Rue Sainte Anne 75001 PARIS, from Tokyobanhbao’s blog, where they served okonomiyaki, which was something delicious I only had in Amsterdam, from the only chef in Europe (except the UK) that cooked it.
The experience was AMAZING.
The restaurant was small and it was packed with people, mostly japanese – all chefs and waiters were japanese, and it was wonderful to hear them talk amongst each other. Of course we didn’t have to think about what we wanted to order – the okonomiyaki menu and a kirin beer.
The menu was 12.50€ each, and had miso soup, salad and of course, the okonomiyaki (with pork meat – there were other varieties).
The miso soup was so warm and delicious that it warmed my soul; the salad was seasoned with this oil that we didn’t quite figure what it was but it was delicious and made a simple cucumber, lettuce and tomato mix taste like heaven;

The okonomiyaki……. I am not able to describe how it tastes like but the word scrumptious comes to my mind very clearly. The okonomiyaki is crepe served on a hot plate – it’s one of the most common foods in Japan. There’s a mixture of egg and vegetables, and pork meat, on top dried smoked fish and japanese sauces; there’s also a spatula which is the knife you have to use to chop the crepe in peaces big enough to grab with your chopsticks: scrumptious

We left the restaurant around 4 pm and headed to the Jardin du Luxembourg where Mike was waiting for us. Since he had to leave at 5 we decided to sit in a bench and chat for a bit – very nice and pleasant. And it gave us enough time to rest our very hurt legs and feet.

After Mike left us, it started raining like there was no tomorrow. Which was just lovely.

After getting to the point where one can’t get any more wet than you already are, we decided to sat outside at a café. Ordered two chocolat chaud and paid 9 € total, and the time the waiter took to come get the money was immense – so immense that it stopped raining and the sky looked bright blue and beautiful for quite a while.
At these cafés, on the outside, they have these heaters turned on (during the cold season – that goes without saying, right?), right above your heads. After a while there, I felt like my feet were inside a freezer and my head was inside of an oven. Felt great. ¬_¬
Don’t get me wrong, I love the cafés outside and everything is nice and adorable, but I like it more on summer. ^_^

Still in Saint-Germain, with our brains cooking at the café we decided our next step: the plan was eat at Quick at the Champs-Élysées and then head to the Trocadero and see the illuminated Eiffel Tower.
Great plan, huh?

When we got to Quick we made our order on those no-lines machines, where you just choose what you want to eat and pay with your card, then all you have to do is go to the counter and pick your stuff up.

We went to the top level, to eat near a window and it started raining again. No Eiffel Tower for us.
The rain and the fact that we walked almost 40 km (24.8 mi) today was enough to make us grab a cab and come to the hotel.

Now I’m just sitting here in bed and wondering when will we be back.