have you ever been in a fight? I have.

When you’re fighting you punch and kick and you’re punched and kicked…but you don’t even notice it.

You can feel tighten fists landing on your side abs – and you suddenly regret not
having done those extra 100 crunches you should have… 
You can see a leg coming at you – that your try to block with your arms… 

The adrenaline running through your body is amazing.

And you don’t even notice the punches or the kicks that land on your body as you try to throw more punches and more kicks the other direction. You don’t notice them. 

When you finish the fight, you’re out of breath and just care that it’s over. that you gave it your all and your absolute best. Suddenly the referee is holding hands with you and your opponent. You don’t even listen to the judges. You don’t really notice them. 


– you feel your arm getting lifted in the air by the referee, the crowd applauds and congratulates you, your trainer hugs you and (probably) tells you that you should not have done this or that and well you did on other moves… you won. props for you. 

– you hear the crowd applauding and cheering, but it’s not your arm that’s raised in the air. your trainer comes up pats your back and tells you what you did wrong, it’ll be better next time, you think… you lost. 

But… whether you’re happy or sad, your body’s sore. You don’t even notice. Not really. 

When you wake up the next day you have changed colors. you’re a bit black and blueish. You’re hurt. Aaah there’s the results of those blows… 
And you’ll take your time recovering. You’ll get on with your life all the same, you’ll train for the next fight even though it hurts so much, and you know this will happen again…and again. But you will keep on going. Even though it hurts. 

That’s how it is. 
She’ll be gone for 3 weeks next tuesday. I’m still sore and I’m still black and blueish. 
But I will have to keep on going. Even though it hurts.