Mr. Maique featured a really awesome post in a traveling blog (that looks amazing by the way, I have to explore it more).

the blog is called gadling and has got some very amazing tips but the post I’m want to get my input on is titled: ‘7travel rules you should break’ ~by Geraldine DeRuiter [do check the entire post yeah?]

okay, credited enough? no? here: ‘7travel rules you should break’, ‘7travel rules you should break’, ‘7travel rules you should break’, ‘7travel rules you should break’, ‘7travel rules you should break’.

I want to write this because I’ll be traveling soon and I wanted to give my opinion on the matter.

Rule: Never check your bag.

haven’t got much to say about this one, except maybe… I did not know you could *NOT* check your bag.  okay, now I get it, keoshi explained. ¬_¬

Rule: Pack light.

I once read an article in a travel magazine in which the author implored his readers to pack nothing for their next trip. Absolutely nothing. Underwear was meant to be washed in the sink. Shirts could be re-worn several times.

For me, this isn’t exactly a viable option — perhaps because “washing underwear in the hotel bathroom sink” isn’t on my vacation to-do list.

Exactly. I don’t think I know how to pack light. I always put in that extra dress or that extra hoodie or those extra jeans just in case something happens… and washing underwear in the hotel’s sink? puuulease… my bag is an underwear magic hat – I can always pull more out of it. 

But if there’s a washing machine nearby I’ll definitely use it.

Rule: Avoid tourist traps.

I’m told on a daily basis how awful tourist traps are. They’re overpriced! They’re not worth it! They’re too crowded and cliche! They’re what everyone does when they visit !

While every city has it’s own fair share of tacky, touristy activities, that doesn’t mean you should avoid all of them — especially if means missing out on something you want to see. The Colosseum in Rome is always packed with tourists — but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go.

Having quoted that, next time around I’ll got to the top of the Eiffel Tower even if it takes me a whole freaking day.

Rule: Don’t talk to strangers.

Okay, I admit, this one has a bit of validity. Travelers should exercise a bit of caution. I wouldn’t randomly walk up to some suspicious-looking character and tell them the details of my life, my social security number, or which hotel I’m staying in.

But one of the most rewarding things about travel is meeting new people. If you find yourself in a safe, public place, and you’re in the mood, why not spark up a conversation?

Agreed. I remember having a very nice conversation with this guy in Milan (I think?) who was sitting across me in the bus. I told him where we were from, and he didn’t know were Portugal was. Kept saying that on the left side of Spain was…the Atlantic no other country. Then I said ‘Mourinho’ and ‘Cristiano Ronaldo’ and he suddenly got a clue…sort of. keoshi also reminded me that he indicated us very nice places to visit and take a look and we actually went and it was totally worth it! Thanks Mr!

There was also this cabbie in Paris that maintained an awesome 20 minutes conversation with me and keoshi over football. Apparently, our football club Benfica eliminated his football club in the last game but he actually complimented Benfica for playing well and he was rooting for us the next game. Very nice. aaaand he then proceeded to tell us that he spent a whole lot of his time in Rue Mouffetard drinking and picking up women (he told us more than that, actually ^_^;). Very nice.

Rule: Have an agenda … or at least some clue of where you’re going.

I constantly meet super-organized travelers who put me to shame. They have every minute of their vacation organized, scheduled and planned out. They’re researched tours, purchased tickets to shows, and made reservations months in advance.

I actually prefer to loose *lose (duh) myself around… that’s when you actually get to know the place. One of our best experiences in Paris was when keoshi and I got a bit lost in Montmartre. Amazing, yeah?
But I also like to go to certain places. Like I want to visit this and that and that, but I don’t really care what time or what to do in between…

Rule: Don’t buy cheesy souvenirs

I’m the queen of tacky souvenirs shopping. Ask keoshi.
I *try* to buy original stuff but the original stuff is just freaking expensive… So I end up buying the tacky cheap stuff. I get the tiny eiffel towers, the tiny pisa towers, the tiny clogs…yeah.

Rule: Try new things.

Traveling is about relaxing and having a good time. It doesn’t matter that you follow your routine or go to the same places or do the same thing you do when you’re at home… but I also like to try new things. =)

All in all I don’t follow those rules at all… ah.