photo album.

I always complain me and keoshi don’t take enough photos together…it’s not because we don’t want to, but because we end up taking photos of everything else but us – which is the most important thing!

I mean it’s such a waste with such great cameras we have! and that’s the other end of the issue: the big cameras. I can barely hold my camera with two hands, let alone grab it with one hand, stretch my arm and take ourselves a picture…not happening, unless I’m using the fish eye lens, but there’s no way I want all our pictures to be fisheyed… so yeah. 

That was why I had the most brilliant idea when we went to Paris: buy cheap disposable cameras and only use it to take photos of us! Brilliant idea with awesome results.

But here I present you the most amazing couple album I’ve seen ever!

Sarah and Thad are husband and wife from California. They’re photographers and photograph weddings and themselves…in a very original kinda way.

beautiful, isn’t it?

don’t forget to check out their site for more goodness.