I can smell the beach. 

I’ll be gone for a while on a short vacation – going to the beach! When I spend too much time without going to the beach I have small panic attacks. True. 

So tomorrow (EARLY) morning I’ll be on my way to the hot sand and cold sea. I don’t
think I’ll be having any internet there (and I’m not even sure I want to) so I’ll be posting from my mobile every once in a while. 
I want to disconnect myself from the world and everything else and just relax, cuddle with keoshi, read some books (i just bought today – hope they’re good), and have some fun…

This is just the start of a killing-summer-vacation-rampage because after this keoshi and me will be going up north to enjoy a bit of the portuguese nature; and after that we got planes to catch, so yeah.

that’s all for today, folks! leaving you with my summer gear. ^^

and I promise to take loads of photos!

PS – it’s been a whole month since she’s gone. I can’t seem to be able to quite grasp that fact yet.