berlin 0.0

We arrived in Berlin after waiting in Stuttgard’s airport for a couple of hours and a very nice flight on AirBerlin — where everybody was nice and the flight was super smooth, and I didn’t even feel it when we touched the ground, very very nice flight — it was raining, but it was not cold. We didn’t know how to get to the hotel by public transportation, or rather we didn’t want to, because the flight was already arriving at 10 pm, and we were scared we would get there too late if we took a bus or the subway, so the obvious option was a cab. 

There were tons of cabs right outside the airport waiting, and we immediately went for one and asked to take us to the hotel. He said that he couldn’t, that we had to go to this platafform up ahead where more cabs were waiting – this was our first taste of the German’s orderous culture. *note at the end of the post*

Apparentely there’s a cab system in Berlin (Tegel Airport), where the cabs are somewhat coordinated. There’s a platform where the people stand and the cabs are waiting in line, when the first cab leaves, it’s the next cab’s turn and so on and so forth. It wasn’t a  problem to understand the system…until we understood it. There’s really no indications of what to do, so you just have to go with the flow, be respectful as they are and you’ll get there.

The cab drive was the most quiet I’ve ever experienced. 20 minutes, not a single word, not even the radio was on. 

We got to the hotel and it didn’t have the name we were expecting it to have, so for a few moments we thought we were in the wrong place – but we weren’t, yay! Apparentely the name of the hotel had been changed, but they were still using it online and such. I just cared we were in the right place. I needed to rest.

We got to the room and the first thing we did was lay in the bed…that was the most comfy bed ever! The covers were also so soft and warm and comfy, same with the pillow, but that you could change, because there was a pillow menu! The bathroom was nice, with a big bathtub, but the downside for me was the very small lavatory – the towels were also so very soft!

The room was all in all very nice and large – awesome hotel and the cheapest ever.  

*edit: there’s a cab system pretty much everywhere, not just in Berlin, but there it’s just much better organized because people simply respect each other the way it should be.