up north.

I had an entire post written about our lovely days in the northern part of the country, but monsieur keoshi quit safari and puff my post is no more… So I’m gonna try and make this short and say everything I wanna say. Or at least almost everything. 

I’m back from our vacation and I couldn’t want more to be back in Berlin. But first things first. 

Our trip to the greenest part of our country. 
Vila Real was most amazing. The hotel was lovely and the city was a very nice place to walk around and just relax. We went for a guided visit to the inside of the Casa de Mateus (Mateus’ House) and even though we couldn’t take photos, it was very interesting to see such a place, so full of history.

Chaves was a bit less interesting than Vila Real but not less pretty or relaxing. The city is very calm and it has those small colorful houses that are just so cute in the center of the city and all in all it was good to be there for a while. The hotel was very very nice, the pool was immensely huge and we stayed there for quite a while… 

But everything has its’ set backs. Even though we’re a couple of 20 year old-ish, we look like teens, and people in the hotels stare at us as if we’re 2 kids eloping or something… which is fine. I don’t give a f*ck what they think as long as they treat us like all other customers. But of course, of course they don’t. 

In Chaves we got up real early and packed our things and put them in the car – we wanted to walk around the city but still go back to the room before we actually checked out. We let the ‘do not disturb’ sign at the door, so they wouldn’t clean before we actually checked out. Does this make sense? It does to me. 
While heading back to the hotel we receive a call from them, basically asking why we left and if we were coming back, but masked in some petty excuse that didn’t make any sense. We get to the room and they had cleaned the room already, even though the ‘do not disturb’ sign was at the door… So basically they thought we left without paying for the room. I mean, WTF? 

Do I have to be middle aged for people to take me seriously? F*ck them. 

But anyway, putting that aside, the trip was very nice and we even ended up going to Alcobaça to visit the monastery and to Óbidos, which brought me quite the good memories. I spent quite a few years vacationing in a beach near Óbidos, Foz do Arelho. I remember the beach being huge and quite pleasant… and the walks me and dad would take along the shore everyday, very early in the morning, while mom was reading… Such nice times. 

Ah. Now I need to start editing photos from these last 10 amazing days.  Be sure to check often because I’ll be posting like a mental person. ^_^