when I get a job (it won’t take me long, aha) the first thing I’m buying with the money – after of course getting an iphone – is subscribing shogakunkan and ribon

I miss manga.

I miss reading manga.

I miss watching anime.

I miss watching j-drama.

I miss drawing manga.

Everything was so much easier before when you wanted to read manga… Now unless you want to read the latest Naruto/Bleach chapter you’re effed. Don’t take me wrong, I love Naruto and Bleach, but I always liked shoujo better – shoujo being manga for girls…

I miss good manga. 

I miss Ranma ½! 

How I love miss Rumiko Takahashi, the princess of manga..and there’s a new manga from her now, called Rin-ne out for about a year now, that I started reading when it was out but then onemanga went to the dogs and, of course, it was licensed by Viz, so there’s no way I can get my hands on it – online, I mean. I should have bought it back in Lausanne… gah. I always regret not buying stuff! ¬_¬

The problem with reading manga online is that when it gets licensed over the USA scanlation groups forget about people from other countries (I feel like I’m 16 right about now)! Reading manga online for me is not a sneaky way of reading it without paying for it, because I own most of *teh* mangas I read online – it’s a wonderful mish-mash collection of mangas translated to french, english, spanish and of course, in their original version, japanese – so don’t punish me! I need to read it online, or I have to wait forever to get the volumes from some other place (no, i’m not that patient)!

And I would gladly pay to read manga online from the original source, so bring it on! but of course they aren’t going to do that… 

That’s why I’m subscribing to Shogakukan and Ribon asap. I want the manga, I want the goods. 

over and out.