aaah… it’s been a lazy couple of days. I’ve been working on something for school, going out with keoshi and working out 5 times a week – yeah, once I start it’s hard to drop it.  whatelse? well, watching movies, watching series (OMG! the ultimate fighter!! gah! =D) and yeah… 

And I’m not even sure I want October to arrive… *sigh*. 

I want to take more photos and I’ve had so much inspiration lately, all those photos I post on my tumblr are just amazing and I feel so inspired when I see them. ah well… 

I’ll leave you with some of my latest 365days uploads. I’m still like a month behind… gah… 

from the same day as these.

sometimes I think I’d like to have this tattooed on my back… but I think in my forehead would definitely be the best place.

oh my… how I miss Berlin. I don’t think I ever missed a city so much. 

in Annecy.

in the boat, in Lac d’Annecy. so much fun!

feeding the birds in Lausanne. 

I’ll miss this summer for so many reasons… *siiiigh*