365 photos.

I got sick of waiting and uploaded all my missing photos until today. finally! and I didn’t even got to the 200th! it’s tomorrow. ¬_¬ 

ANYWAY! I’m very much inspired by other 365days projects. It’s such a great feeling when at the end of the year you have 365 photos (365-ish in my case) showing off your year…the good and the bad. And I’m not alone on this. I’ve found some really cool 365days projects (not exactly called by that name) with amazing photos – you can get a taste of that person’s year all through images. 

These are just some of the most interesting out there. 

photo of the day 



Jamie Livington was a NY based photographer, filmmaker andcircus performer. He was given a polaroid and started shooting every day of his life from 31st March 1979 to October 25th 1997, the day he died – this is an amazing, amazing project, very moving, and not a word involved, just images. 

project 365 

normal guy who decided to take a photo every day. Some of them are just funny!

ten years and one year

it’s not about being narcissistic… not at all. It’s about the experience, it’s about the challenge, it’s about the memories. 

Time flies by, but we can sure document it.