I have finally uploaded every photo on my 365days project and am now up to date. =D

I know I didn’t take a few photos, but oh well… it sucks.

anyway in the last three days I have:

· taken my bike off for a ride around the town. More than 3000 people were there as well. ^_^ it was quite fun really. 

· wondered were the summer went and cried for summer to come back. No matter how much I like my boots, I’d rather not wear them for a few more weeks. 

· compromised – faced with the fact that summer might not be coming back for at least 7 months I’ve decided to not succumb to wearing the boots and not get a cold by wearing flip-flops, alas my shiny red shoes. 

Now all I have to do is wait for the 7 months to pass – it sends chills down my spine to think that in 7 months so much shit can happen. 

that’s life.