lisbon 2.0

After a nice night sleep, a long one – we stayed in bed for quite a while just browsing the world…on our macs. 

We had japanese for lunch and watched hell’s kitchen – weird season this one! –  and after we went for a walk around the city to take pictures. 

The sky was a bit greyish and it seemed like it was going to rain soon and I love the lighting that that kind of weather gives to a city…

It’s always funny when I walk around unleveled places like many of our streets in Portugal wearing high heels because I look like I’m an amateur  gymnast walking the bar – I never ever fall though! I’m very coordinate, I guess. 

It started raining so we decided to drive back home but before we went to the mall to check out the merrycupcakes. So I checked the stores out and we bought the cupcakes and off we went to the car – that decided to die on us. 

by keoshi @ photografia 

ah… yup. 

So we had to call for assistance and we waited for like 45 mins. It took the guy 5 minutes to realize that the battery had died – news flash! not. – and it took him an hour to replace the dead battery for a new one – all this action inside the underground parking lot of the mall. Inhaling mostly CO2 for almost 2 hours is great, much like getting high in a bad way, you should try it sometime. 

After all that ordeal was done we went back home had dinner and ate the cupcakes – delicious! delicious! delicious! but could never eat more than one (and I’ve tried). I always thought the topping was made of cream or something but it’s pure sugar and I couldn’t handle it… but I can’t wait to try another one! 

It actually reminded me of crêpes in Annecy. Crêpes are just delicious and huge back there, and on the first day we got there we ate one each – chocolate for me, strawberry for keoshi – and I couldn’t finish mine. It was soooo good but I couldn’t even think of eating another one for the rest of the days. 

After dinner we drove back to Évora and got here at 1 am, and I had to get up at 7 am the next morning so yeah…ahaha.xD

It was a wonderful couple of days, they always are. =)