After a lazy saturday lunch I watched two episodes of America’s next top model for the first time from the beginning to the end, and I noticed that the worst thing about the show is Tyra. I’m sorry but those faces she makes… I can’t even watch it. 

At 7 pm-ish me and keoshi headed to Lisbon to basically laze around. It rained most of the way and while listening to the rain drops we also listened to “Imagine” on the radio. We sang the song the rest of the way. xD

When we got here (Lisbon) it rained a bit more. yeah…  

Even though we had food we decided to have japanese take away and so off we went to get our dinner. Raining like crazy and traffic was terrible – we made the house at 11 pm. 

That was when I remembered I had to take the photo for today’s 365days. xD