merry xmas.

Christmas is…

…to feel warm and fuzzy and happy when you see lights all over town.

…to wreck your brain in search of the perfect gift for that person and everyone else.

…to think that you finally got all presents packed and you suddenly remember there’s still someone missing.

…to put up the tree: the ribbons, the stars, the angels, the lights. 

…to write the letter for santa.

…to see the excited looks on kids face when you go to the mall.

…to be asked by your mum and aunt what do you want santa to bring you. 

…to feel happy, wanting to jump up and down when it’s only days away. 

…to smile all the time like an idiot on the 24th. 

…to get in the car with mum and dad (and all the presents they secretly bought in the trunk).

…to arrive at grandma’s and see grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle and cousin all by the fireplace with big smiles on their faces.

…to eat a delicious dinner, with lots of rice pudding, pastries, cake…

…to annoy everybody with the question “what time is it?”. 

…to be sent to the other side of the house because santa just arrived there!

…to get there and see that there aren’t really any presents or santa.

…to get back and see all the presents by the fireplace and being bluntly lied to about *just* having missed santa. 

…to open all the presents and see that santa got it right. 

…to try out all the presents before heading back home.

…to fall asleep thinking that that was the best christmas ever and that next year I had to be faster if I wanted to catch santa. 

This isn’t christmas.