I’ve been taking a much needed break from photography and flickr. I’ve been busy with work and everything is just so overwhelming that sometimes I feel like I can’t breath properly. 

I love the 365days project and I’d love to be able to keep up and finish it, but there’s no way now… I’m aware I gave up on 365days for the 3rd time this year, but I honestly think this year was the hardest ever so I don’t really give a sh▲t. But I do intend to start a new project soon. 

The first project brought so much into my life that I just know it will happen again…but I must not push it. I must be myself. 

In the meantime I kept on posting photos to my tumblr. The inspiration those photos give me is like a breath of fresh air. 

I know I’m not a photographer – and for those of you who think I think I am (read carefully), you couldn’t be more wrong – I’m just a person who enjoys photography very much, and I do it because it’s fun and makes me happy. And photography is now part of my life and I know I cannot let it go.

So, yes, I will be back.