day four.

I didn’t sleep all night – can’t you tell? 

So what did I do? I finished reading the latest Sveva Casati Modignani book Lo Splendore della Vita, translated to Portuguese – the book actually dates from 1991, which explains pretty much what I was going to say next. 

I felt the book was very rushed. She didn’t take her time to actually explore the character’s life as she usually does and that’s exactly what I like about her books. Seeing the book was actually written nearly 20 years ago, I guess it’s understandable. Not that she was a worse writer before, but it’s only natural that she evolved into what her books are now from some point where she didn’t really have that style yet. 

This is one of the disadvantages of buying books translated to Portuguese… I have a huge one sitting in my desk right now, the latest from Lesley Pearse (I’m gonna check if it’s really the last one – nope. dated from 2000. Seriously, people? Seriously?…) Never Look Back that was a christmas present from my mum-in-law… I really loved Remember Me so I think I’m starting this one tonight. 

I feel like my mind is a huge blank. When I don’t sleep enough – usually happens when I don’t sleep at all or when I sleep an average of 2/3 hours per night for a few nights in a row – I get an always lovely sickish green tone… It makes people jump back, quite literally. 

and I hate how days seem to merge together… Like I feel it’s still the 3rd not the 4th… *sigh*

Plan: tea. bed.