day three.

Usually when big things fall upon me it takes sometime to finally hit me. 
I regret not having spent much more time with grandma… and I’m so glad I took the time (even if it was short) to visit on her last birthday. 

Every time I went there she kept offering me food complaining that I was too skinny. She would love to hear about my accomplishments and, like my dad, she would have loved to see me pursue a career in art “it’s a total waste of talent!” she’d say…but then she’d rapidly get to the conclusion that I have many talents and would be successful in any career I’d chose. Even though she had so many grandsons and granddaughters, most of them lived near her and whom she saw everyday, I never ever felt she loved me less (or more) and I always admired and loved her for that. 

It’s hard to see her go… I will miss her very much.