day ten.

Well I did promise to write a bit about saturday so here goes. 

We woke up eaarrrly (like 8.30 am ahaha) and we drove by ourselves on one car while keoshi’s parents, João and Marta rode other car. We spent most of the 3 hours trp listening to this: 

it was so fun! 

Anyway, we got to Faro Airport on time for João’s checkin and we waited quite a bit before he had to go… We will miss you! 

We drove to this restaurant where they were grilling fish and everything looked delicious. Everything was. Delicious. 

We then drove back home where we rested for a bit before ordering sushi and we sat in the couch watching series.

that was saturday. 

Today I got out of bed real early made breakfast for both me and keoshi (eggs on toast and freshly squeezed orange juice) and when I went out with my camera, hoping to take a few pictures it started raining. Again. 

I had to put the camera in my purse and now I’ve got myself a nice neck pain… 

aaah… damn weather.