nineteen, twenty and twenty-one.

man, I always think I wrote just yesterday! It’s been two days already! 

I cut my hair! It was about time! I like seeing myself with long hair, but it’s way too much work for me and I always think that hair’s length is proportional to the amount of bad hair days… so yeah. ¬_¬ 

I’m finally redesigning my website! I love tumblr and I’ve been on tumblr for the past (checks the tumblr archive) ah… I went to check the archive on meaningless gibberish and (surprise, surprise), I got this: 

This *keeps* happening. I got stuff on queue for like a week now that I’m manually and gradually publishing myself because the queue isn’t working… 

I love tumblr…when it works. 

So I’m still undecided: whether I change it to wordpress or textpattern…but the change will happen in the near future. 

I’ve got a brand new mickey mouse sweater that is just adorable and now I want to wear it all the time…xD 

I’m now gonna make myself a cup of tea and read.

Actually I had so much more I wanted to write about, but I completely forgot… ah.