seventeen and eighteen.

These last couple of days have been chaotic… I haven’t got the time to do anything, even though I do so much… 

but today I went to buy new boots. I love heels, but to walk in them in a fast pace for long distances is not my cup of tea. I bought a black pair of boots (Doc’s look alike -can’t call it a rip off, no way…) like a month ago and they literally fell apart. I was so pissed! and they weren’t cheap as well! argh. 

So I had to buy myself another pair, for the long distances walks. ¬_¬ These are also going for the Doc’s look – so in these days – but are a bit more refined, a very comfortable.

I also thought of buying none at all and stick with my old skechers or my chucks… but the skechers get way too hot for these temperatures, and the chucks get wet fast and are just cold… I hate having my feet uncomfortable, I get very very unpleasant. 

I’m not taking a full front photo of the boots because keoshi’s picking me up tomorrow and I want him to see them first! 

Today I finally had the time (and will, ahaha) to workout for longer than half an hour. A few weeks back I got the Jillian Michaels (Biggest Loser trainer) dvd workout so Ive been sticking with her. I like to change workouts a lot, so I go from yoga to kickboxing in a jiffy and I’ve tried a big variety, but I’m liking her workout… I do say a lot of “what the hell is this woman thinking?!” and “I thought it was over!” during workout but I do love it and makes me feel good after. 

so props for Jillian! 

aaaaaand because it’s still before midnight I’m gonna get myself in bed and read!