good gawd… I can’t believe it’s been 12 days since my last outburst here. *sigh* 

First and foremost Happy Valentine’s Day, people! Hope you enjoy it. 

I did have a lot going on these last 12 days of absence but I will not write a humongous post about all that… so I’ll just spread it along the next few days. 

I’ve been sick as dog this last week and I’ve had trouble getting out of the bed and basically live normally because breathing became a huge issue as I tried not to drown in my own mucus (nice visual huh?). What pisses me off (I must come out as a very angry person around here) is that I didn’t even have a cold, it was allergies. I’m allergic to dust and also to the weather. Yes, you heard me. Weather. So whenever there’s a big drop in temperature and it suddenly gets high again my nose lets me know how much it hates what’s going on outside.

And that wonderful natural event has been happening quite often these last couple of weeks. 

So here’s what I’m gonna talk about in the next posts:

petiscaria ideal, a nice small restaurant where keoshi, a good old friend and me went for dinner.

Black Swan, oooooh boy. 

pizza a pezzi, small pizza place where keoshi and me went for lunch. 

Love & Other Drugs.

The King’s Speech, bloody hell!!

127 Hours.

night out with friends

looks good doesn’t it? until the next post! 

in the mean time, check out this amazingly cool t-shirt that keoshi gave me for my bday! 


and you can get it here!

edit: and I’ll also write about Pop + Shorty!