Roughly a year ago I got my first smartphone, an htc magic running the android platform. The phone has worked perfectly until just a few weeks ago when it suddenly began to give me an error that said I didn’t have any space on my phone…and I actually did. So I basically couldn’t update any apps or download any new apps, even though I deleted almost all of them. I finally realized it was a system error and after a research on the web I found that the same issue happened to many other android users. 

The solution? a hard reset

I couldn’t believe what I was reading! There had to be another way! It’s a smartphone after all, couldn’t there be a software update that cleared the problem? 

I contacted HTC in Portugal, that very promptly replied what I feared the most: a soft reset – that did not work, – or a hard reset. 

I had to hard reset my phone. Swoosh. All gone in a blink of an eye. 

Luckily I have most of my contacts on my google account – but what if I didn’t? 

Anyway, after I synced all the accounts, downloaded all the apps again, I was pretty happy with the phone – after the initial OMG-IT’S-ALL-GONE reaction, that was a pretty good feeling – because it was relatively faster than before the reset and the battery life was much better than before. So yay. 

I just hoped I didn’t have to do it again – alas, I was so wrong. 

Today I had 5 apps that needed to be updated through the google market, so I hit the update button and waited for it to install…but it didn’t. I thought the problem was the app, so I tried to download all others…but they didn’t install. Not one of them. Weird, I thought…but let it go for a couple of hours. 

I tried again, no luck. I researched. The answer was all over the place: it was a known issue, with one solution: hard reset

There were people trying some other things, like clearing caches and things along those lines, that I tried, but did not work: it made it worse in fact, because I couldn’t log in with google, so I had no contacts, after I restarted my phone, all gone

And I could NOT believe I had to hard reset it AGAIN. 

This is absolutely ridiculous. There’s no way a hard reset is a solution. 

I can not keep resetting the phone every time there’s a bug in the system! 
It’s the same thing as formatting your PC every time you get an error! and I know it happens, and I know it has to be done, but it is NOT a solution. Ever.

Things like these that cost a ton load of money should simply work. 

It’s like traffic jams. At certain hours there are horrible traffic jams that have you stuck for hours…and people just say ‘oh it’s normal at that hour!’. 

It is NOT normal. It’s a bug in the system! What’s normal is for the traffic to flow not to be stuck in it. 

I’m sad and disappointed with the Android. I really am. 

I think I’ve made my point… Having said that…! Can I haz an iPhone 4?