ten days.

I should have posted this a week ago, but I was so incredibly tired…! As I am today. 

João’s bathroom in Breda. I was actually staring at the white bottle, but I didn’t even bother to check how the picture came out so that’s why there’s a big white smudge in front of me. bah. 

I’ve been working quite a lot lately and having loads of fun over the weekends, and I certainly need a good night sleep just so I can recover…

I’m hoping tomorrow I’ll be able to start editing photos, since I’ve worked so much today to have a (kind of) free of work week, so yeah… 

But before I go I have to say something about Japan. The earthquake occurred when we were on the train to the airport and, surprisingly, there were two business japanese men sitting on the seats in front of us. When I saw what happened via my phone, I couldn’t believe it. My mum called later and said that the images they were seeing were of complete devastation… and I honestly avoided any images and news from what had happened as much as I could. When we got back there’s no avoiding anymore, I could not believe what I saw. Tears filled my eyes every time I saw those sad images or heard japanese people talking about it… 

You see, I’ve always linked the japanese language to something happy, because I was so familiarized with it from all the japanese series I saw… but hearing it like that was… devastating and sad. 

But I do know that if there’s people that will get up from this terrible fall those are the Japanese. And they will rise again better and stronger than ever, just like last time. 

And I do hope Kozue-chan [Hasegawa Kozue] one of my oldest japanese friends is okay – she lived down in Fukushima. 

My thoughts and my heart are with Japan. 

bed now.