life’s been busy.

it’s been a while, eh? 

well, life’s been busy – not necessarily bad, it has been actually quite fun, but busy!

First things first! 

the last trip to the Netherlands! It was the shortest trip ever but the busiest too — we had loads of fun! 

We got up at 5 am to get the train that would take us to Porto’s airport and off we went. We arrived in Eindhoven in the afternoon, and stood waiting for little brother to pick us up and walk around the city. It was so amazing seeing him again! In the same country we had left him, a little lost, back in November. He was one of them now! 

Eindhoven is just a cute little city that I enjoyed quite a lot. We got on the train to Breda and it was just completely nostalgic getting to that train station: the same smell, the same people, the same views. It felt so familiar… 

Our first stop: albert heijn. Oh how I missed those natural kiwi juices I love so much and can only find there…! (now I’m just over doing it a little xD)

On the way back to João’s place the familiar feeling kept pressing me. It’s just amazing how a small city like Breda, under the right circumstances can leave us such impression. A little part of me was back home — that’s how I can describe it to you. 

The apartment was sooooo cool! xD 3 floors, huge windows, white wood floors, completely dutch. Awesome! 

We had dinner — delicious — and headed out to the city to walk around and reminisce. 

It was wonderful. 

(next post: second day in Holland!)