the king’s speech.

this movie was absolutely amazing. 

top quality acting and the photography work made the movie awesome. I was speechless, no pun intended. 

I would be indeed torn if I was asked to chose between Black Swan and The King’s Speech. Black Swan is very close to my heart and soul for various reasons – the ballet, the actresses, the psychological intricacy, mainly – but The King’s Speech was also one to put it’s finger on my heart. 

The way Colin Firth exposed the most intimate fears of his character was absolutely dumbfounding; Geoffrey Rush was an astonishingly funny and amazingly good teacher; and Helena Bonham Carter was, as always, perfect and stunning. 

And the fact that the movie was British and in an historical time that I love made it… exquisite. 

BUT! if you asked me which movie I would watch again now, my answer would be Black Swan. I’d prefer it for just a fraction over The King’s Speech.