i am sooooo tired right now. 

I barely slept all night, I even ended up watching Devil Wears Prada (it wasn’t bad), and I came all the way to Lisbon so we could leave on friday… 

We went for dinner at the best japanese place around here Assuka and everything was lovely… the meal was lovely and delicious the wine was amazing and dessert was yummy… 

photo by keoshi

photo by keoshi – appetizers, gyoza and salmon.

photo by keoshi – sakana for keoshi.

ebi yakisoba for me.

green tea daifuku for dessert – I LOVE daifuku, I had it for the 1st time in Amsterdam, so yummy.

photo by keoshi – this one was delicious too: chocolate ice cream, with a small vanila daifuku and strawberries with sweet azuki beans.

and we even had time to catch up with a friend!

i just wanna go to bed now…