slightly better.

meetings are over, finally, and I’m excited and very much psyched at the road trip  me and keoshi will be going on next week to Madrid…I’m also a little better. 

so it’s about time I write about the latest events – aside from the sick part, I already told that, right? 

new tiny bag. basically just for the nights out.

okay, so, friday I got to Lisbon and I had a whole feast awaiting me: sushi and cupcakes! I♥keoshi. 


Todo o pessoal na zona de Lisboa pode comprar aqui.  [portuguese only]

We watched a few series, and tried to decided if we were actually going out as we firstly agreed on, but we were both so tired that we just stayed in… 

on Saturday we had friends coming over for dinner so we went shopping and made dinner and had loads and loads of fun! Very fun night indeed.

my feet and a cactus in the balcony.

On sunday we made ourselves some lunch and headed out the door for a walk before we met with the parents for dinner. 

the window, me and keoshi reflected.


We went to this fish special thing that was going on, where there are a whole bunch of hip restaurants and we could eat on any of those for a cheaper price than we would at the actual restaurants. 

and we got to keep the wine glass!

We ate some very nice and delicious plates of food and the wine was also excellent. We had a great meal and also a lot of fun that night… Shame it ended and I had to come back because of the meetings on monday morning…uff… 

codfish with coriander sauce.



seared tuna with passion fruit sauce.

scallops with vinaigrette, pesto and olives sauce.

seafood, my treat – delicious.

alas, and that was it. 

I now can’t wait to get in our car and drive our way to Madrid in a week! 

I’ve never really been to Madrid. I mean, I’ve been there passing through a couple of times, but that doesn’t really count for me. 

We’re gonna have a blast!!!! I can’t wait really! 

can you tell I look sick?