I try.

i’ve been terribly sick these past few days. It started out on monday night when I couldn’t sleep feeling rather uneasy about what was going on in my stomach, then I drifted to a much more restless phase where I tried my best to hold on to my dinner. I really tried…but failed miserably. and time again. and again… then the sun rose and this was when I had to get myself together get in the shower and drive to the meeting I was the head of — which meant I had to speak through the entire thing, think about stuff and actually listen and try to solve everybody else’s business…while trying to keep my insides in. That was the hardest part. 

amazingly I was through before I knew it. I spent the next 4 hours working to get things done and delivered to the board of the school and to the headmaster. I couldn’t even think about food. But then I noticed myself getting waaaaaayyy too slow… I needed to eat something…but couldn’t. Even drinking water was a struggle. So I got to the school cafeteria and got myself a nice cup of warm tea and slice of toasted bread, no butter no nothing. and that was it for the entire day.

I’m better now, but I’m on a chicken soup – no salt, no fat, no nothing – diet, and I’m far from being completely recovered. ugh.

So! I’ll be leaving you with some photos I haven’t yet posted here from the 365days project, since I have no strength to get the new ones out the camera to the computer… 

trying some levitation photos. my bike in the back.

the newest addition to my owl family – I forgot to say I collect owl shaped things…and if those are wearable, better yet. 

at keoshi’s. can you spot my owl earrings? 

edit: scary movie scream mask…it’s keoshi’s. 

by the window…

it’s time to get my flip-flops out, finally. this photo reminds me I have to get a new blue nail polish… that color is just top. and I’m almost out…  

have fun people! and don’t get sick!