I am loving Madrid! The highlights of the day are: – oomuombo, good sweets for big children – as many sweets as you can eat, delicious and not the least bit artificial (it’s what it says)! – dunkin donuts, I’ll have a dunkin donuts’ cappuccino and a Bavarian cream donut over any thing at Starbucks any day, any time. – museo del prado, aaaaawesome! – parque del retiro, my gawd! Amazing place. – puertas del sol, la Latina, … – estado puro, at plaza de neptuno, we had the most amazing mini burgers and what is most probably one of the best tortillas I’ll ever have in my life… And it came in a cup. – calle Cervantes. – santiago barnabéu stadium. – and Taco Bell to end the day. And tomorrow is another day! PS: ursaria is an old name for Madrid. It’s coat of arms shows a bear (ursus, in Latin) trying to eat fruits from a strawberry tree… Apparently there were many bears around there, hence the tittle.