I got back from the neighboring country on monday and I’m already swamped with work hence the silence around here. 

I haven’t even checked the photos I took and the only time I had my camera on was to shoot my 365days of the day.

I’ve got classes to prepare for the entire effin month and a parents’ meeting to work on… which is basically throw some of the kids (usually the ones with the worst grades or the ones who behave poorly) under the bus, that is ultimately driven by their parents, so yeah… fun! 


I always feel shitty when I have to talk with parents about how “lousy” their kids are in school and what’s my perspective as a teacher. That’s mainly because I don’t think they’re lousy at all.

The system sucks. Everybody knows that but no one can do a thing about it… and it’s the kids who suffer the most with that. It’s a shame. I would really like to change that, but my hands are tied… maybe I can loose the rope little by little as I work my way through. I sure hope so.