el mercadito.

By the second day in Madrid we knew we had to make a few plans on where to go beforehand, now that we knew our way around. We came to the conclusion that madrid isn’t actually that big of a city — we walked through most places without any trouble what so ever and without really feeling tired. The thing is, we now try to compare all places we visit with the German capital we visited in summer, and basically because Berlin was such a hugmongus place everything else feels small in comparison.

We headed on to the royal palace and, boy, what a place that is! Huge and pretty and very… royal! 

We didn’t go in because the lines were just…there, and keoshi is allergic to lines — I still dunno to this day how in the world we went in the Reichstag! Quite amazing. 



height paintings

We then walked to the center and were faced with one of our biggest passions: food. In a market. Oh yes. El Mercado de San Miguel, it was called.

I wanted to take pictures of the market, but it was so crowded and I wanted to take it all in and see what they had to offer that taking photos was the least of my worries.
We had lunch there and ate at a little place I don’t really remember the name, but the tapas were delicious! We then had panna cotta and strawberry cheesecake (this one I didn’t really enjoy, but it’s a personal matter as the cheesecake was baked and I don’t really like that texture on a cheesecake).

That mercadito was definitely the highlight of the day!




panna cotta

Next on our list was Caixa Forum an architecture candy. It’s basically a space for exhibitions and a place to just chill for a bit. 

Calle de Cervantes needed to be explored a little better so that’s what we did, until we sat at a restaurant and had patatas bravas and a couple of beers. 

That was a very nice spot and we could enjoy the meal, the sun and the beer and take in that spanish spirit — even though we kept hearing a guy speaking portuguese, near us, he was brazilian, but still! 

day114 ✰ 24'apr'11

el amor metropolis

palacio de comunicaciones

al rey.

¡guau! street art.

patatas bravas.

The sun was setting so we had another go at the center of the city where we bought donuts at dunkin donuts (my FAVORITE place for donuts and coffee!) and headed to the hotel. 

We rested for bit before going out for a drive and take in a little more of the Spanish capital, and ended up parking and walk around the town center, eating delicious pizza. 

The day was over and our stay in Madrid was as well. The day after we decided to drive to the apple store, had lunch there and then visited Toledo, which we already had visited a few years ago — but it’s still a very interesting city.

cathedral. sword.

we ended our trip looking at the landscape in Toledo and eating Fish & Chips.