I finally managed to get a couple of hours to edit more photos from Madrid. 

I need holidays. 

These are just from the first and second day of our trip: we visited salamanca and spent the night in Valladolid in an freaking awesome hotel, where we had dinner — that wasn’t as good as I thought it should be (for a freaking awesome hotel like that I expected an equally awesome meal and that one was just meh). 

We visited Valladolid that was packed with people – Easter is a huge deal for us Iberians, but even more for the Spanish people, so all the churches had services going on all the time and people seemed to get out of one church and go straight to the next. 

Since we’re not religious people we were only there for the show, that was very interesting itself. 

Amazingly it didn’t rain, like what happened the day before in Salamanca — the sky was falling down, I swear, and the streets looked like tiny rivers — so we enjoyed the weather, the walk and the city, that was indeed very pretty. 

Enjoy the photos. 





dinner time

lining up