Oh the beautiful segovia. 

We always tend to find these beautiful small cities that draw us in. It comes as no surprise that this city was declared as a World Heritage, with the snow-topped mountains in the background and the 8th century old cathedral this small city is definitely a place to go back. 

the mountains, the clouds...

The landscapes on the way were simply breathtaking.

el horno.

the city had a very relaxed feeling, with it’s old but beautiful buildings.

busy street


The first thing we spotted, the roman aqueduct.

snow top

The fuzzy feeling I get when I see snowy mountains is just indescribable.


The cathedral of Segovia, from the 8th century.


A late gothic style can be spotted here.

day112 ✰ 22'apr'11

Us reflected by a street mirror.


The city seen from the castle.

the princess castle

El Alcázar de Segovia.

Next stop is Madrid!